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Our Brands

Fresh perspectives of modern opulence.
Unique Pieces in Space.
At the center of pure aesthetics.


The "Classics" a review of objects that have made the history of furniture of the early twentieth century. Their structural harmony has laid the foundations of contemporary design and inspired us to build our contemporary repertoire with attention to every single detail, where style and choice of materials come together to meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to Fabio Biancucci for this homage to the Bauhaus Designers.

Founded in the 70s with the entrepreneurial vision of Urbano and Francesco Rombaldoni. Formerin focused its core business in the production of upholstered furniture. It quickly developed from a small artisanal structure to being an international leading company in the world of furniture for both residential and contract.


Marchetti continues its coherent path with projects that merge past, present and future. It creates amazing light effects thanks to objects designed for any context of contemporary furniture and shapes designed to be long lasting with a linear and elegant style.

Stylish Club, a brand of Made to Last Group is not just a simple brand, it is a club where you and your home are privileged and unique members.

styllish club .png

The mission of Morfeus is to create high quality and impeccably manufactured sleep products that are sustainable and respectful of the environment, which also reflect broader ecological and social considerations in terms of people’s lives and well-being and the protection of nature. You will discover the value of your choices and how each
can be a trim-tab of change.

Julia Srl operates in the Contract sector by designing and manufacturing custom-made furnishings, offering the customer a wide choice of solutions, materials and decorative elements.


BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. We design and produce a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting, rugs, art and accessories that tells stories from the nature and the world. 

Maison Valentina is a bathroom furniture brand that combines functionality with unique design products. Every piece of Maison Valentina’s bathware is handcrafted using top quality materials and enriched with the finest details.

Maison Valentina.jpg

Rug’Society aims to be the focus point of your project. With our specialised designers we want to bring the history and culture of tapestry to a current design in way not to be just rugs, but works of art.

During the last year Qeeboo has grown in the consciousness of its role in the design industry.
Qeeboo’s new catalogue includes some of the greatest designers of our time, creative minds which have a unique ability to transport us to imaginative landscapes, evoking unexpected feelings.

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